Enterprise Education

Every young person should be as well equipped as they can be for the world of work, performing well at FE and HE interviews and public speaking.  Within schools and colleges Crimson Chameleon delivers work based skills workshops that cover 10 aspects of communication;

    1. Introductions: My name is….
    2. Personal Presentation
    3. Confidence/ Assertiveness
    4. Reporting Issues/ Managing Conflict
    5. Appraisals and Feedback
    6. Leading Meetings
    7. Giving Presentations
    8. Leadership & Teamwork
    9. Time Management
    10. CV writing/Interview Skills

Each module is a stand alone unit, designed to run for an hour or can be expanded to two hours if you prefer a more intensive session, therefore you can pick and mix to suit the needs of your students.  You can choose as many or as few as you wish there is no minimum requirement.  Charges are per module per student, please email for details.