Networking is one of our favourite things, as well as strawberries and champagne. Why do we enjoy it? Because there are so many benefits to business and the people who network.

Imagine if you could increase your sales force, undertake customer research, keep abreast of the market, build a support network and build long lasting relationships that will see your business grow. That is the power of networking. It’s not hard sell, or being pushy, it’s a fine art and one that some may require training in.

Our Director, Caroline Gunning, is the co-ordinator of Eden Ladies Business Network, and she regularly attends networking events throughout the country. Her experience has led her to some unusual and interesting projects, all as a result of networking.

If you need help in honing your skills, creating an engaging and effective Elevator Pitch or presentation for formal networking events, please see our Training and Mentoring page for more information.